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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I am a life long LEGO Maniac, and my kits from when I was a kid were passed down to my nephew, who has just passed them down to my son 40 years of history My nephew and I started to do a quick inventory, but he couldn’t remember all of the kits that were in the hoard 3 LARGE boxes so far. Is there an easy way to figure this out? Can any one offer help in identifying some of the fairly recent stuff? I can post images if needed. Some of the newer parts are quite unique. Since these all carry set inventories, you’ll be able to find lists of sets in which the parts can be found.

All 16 Lego Super Mario Lego sets detailed – including how Mario interacts with the bricks

I have this problem. At one time I de-parted a whole bunch of sets form various time periods about and forward. Now I need to rebuild them, but I’d like to rebuild them with the “right” parts from the same time period so that the finished set doesn’t look like a patchwork of old and new bricks. I should mention that I’m aware that TLG have mixed bricks of the same type and color in their sets, so that you at some points would get both “new” and “old” bricks in the same set, but generally, how can I determine which year s certain bricks were made?

Also colors have changed ever so slightly over the years, with modern bricks having more vibrant colors, and molds on some bricks have changed slightly also. But the question is WHEN did all these changes occur, i.

1. LEGO pieces will be provided to each contestant by the Delaware State Fair to construct an original model using Lego building blocks and LEGO accessories.

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Brick Wonders at the Horniman Museum and Gardens

The History of Lego began in in a Danish carpentry workshop and continues into the 21st century as a popular and very profitable line of construction toys and related products and services, including Lego board games , retail stores, Lego video games , Lego films , Legoland theme parks, and Lego Serious Play consultant services, with a significant impact on various areas of popular culture.

Despite its expansion, the company remains privately held. In , Christiansen purchased a woodworking shop in Billund, which had been in business since The workshop burned down in when a fire ignited some wood shavings. When the Great Depression hit, Ole Kirk had fewer customers and had to focus on smaller projects. He began producing miniature versions of his products as design aids.

LEGO is a line of toys featuring plastic bricks, gears, minifigures (also called be responsible for keeping the company’s manufacturing methods up to date.

After having obtained a degree in biochemistry, Leah works for a small biotechnology company and enjoys writing about science. This article will break down some of the history of the Lego company and provide some information on how to identify vintage Lego sets. The Lego company did not always make building blocks. In the s, owner Ole Kirk manufactured various toys and furniture, in an attempt to remain solvent through the Great Depression.

The Lego company is focused on creating high-quality products, and the company logo is det bedste er ikke for godt “the best is never too good”. The first plastic interlocking blocks were manufactured by a company called Kiddicraft, and the Lego company received some plastic bricks for review in The Lego company decided to manufacture their own interlocking bricks, and dubbed the product Lego Mursten literally, Lego Bricks. The very first Lego brick was a white 4 x 2 brick.

The Lego bricks did not sell well in the beginning, until the decision was made to improve the locking ability of the bricks and to sell the toys in a series of related kits. A vintage Lego town set and space set, released in — In , Lego released the Lego train system. This system contained tracks, building bricks, a battery compartment, and a 4. The earliest Lego train systems have a 4.

The Most Valuable Lego Sets and Minifigures Ever Released

Fundamentally, a toy building element according to the inventioncomprises a base plate provided with projections at either face thereof, the projections at one face being arranged in such a manner relatively to the projections at the other face that the distance between a pair of projections at one face of the base plate is equal to the maximum of the projections at the other face oi the base plate. Other embodiments of the invention, including building blocks in the shape of a rcctangular parallelepiped ofa hollow construction having one open face, will be described with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which:.

FIGURE 2 is aplan view in the direction of the open face of a preferred embodiment of the invention in the form of a building block inthe shape of a rectangular parallelepiped of hollow construction with one open face and four side walls;. FIGURE 4 illustrates the assembly of two blocks displaced relative to one another in the lengthwise direction thereof,.

Never lose track of the date with this cool LEGO® calendar, perfect for any office, kitchen, bedroom or hallway. Build the chunky number cubes and display them.

However, these are some of the things that we know so far about this very exciting set. Though the title holder for being the largest LEGO Harry Potter set in terms of piece count still belongs to the Hogwarts Castle coming in at 6, pieces, the latest brick rendition of the Diagon Alley comes in second place with a total of 5, pieces included in its set. This is probably because a lot of baseplates are used in this set, especially when you realize that it is primarily a modular set, which leads us to our second observation.

If you were following the trail of bread crumbs over at Instagram legoleaks , you will immediately notice that this latest LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley observes a modular design that highlights the following locations. These shops are designed in pairs, giving the set four distinct modular builds. Each module seems to rest on a singular baseplate, which may be one of the reasons why it is similarly priced to that of the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle.

This is a good decision, in my opinion, considering also that they were able to package this for LEGO fans 16 years old and above.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lego

This is our weekly Brick Report for the third week of August Keep reading our Brick Report to get all the details. Here are the best of the rest:. It comes with 3 minifigures made up of pieces in total and a vignette of Cheetah wielding a sword in a mid-flight pounce attacking Wonder Woman. Click for a closer look. A total of 1, figures will be part of the sweepstakes.

Enjoy your vacation at LEGOLAND California Resort with tons of LEGO fun for the Stay before the park reopens with rooms most nights for just $, dates.

Various literature appears to be to the contrary, implying that Ole Kirk actively decided to move on to toy manufacture. However, more personal recollections and retellings suggest that when Ole Kirk’s carpentry shop was going out of business in , his local social worker suggested or otherwise encouraged him to make toys. In , Ole Kirk’s shop started making wooden pull toys , piggy banks, cars and trucks.

He enjoyed a modest amount of success, but families were poor and often unable to afford such toys. Farmers in the area sometimes traded food in exchange for his toys; Ole Kirk found he had to continue producing practical furniture in addition to toys in order to stay in business. In the mids, the yo-yo toy fad gave him a brief period of activity, until it suddenly collapsed. Once again, Ole Kirk turned disadvantage to his favor, turning the disused yo-yo parts into wheels for a toy truck.

His son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen , began working for him, taking an active role in the company. It was in that the company name LEGO was coined. Ole Kirk held a contest among his staff to see who could come up with the best name for the company, offering a bottle of homemade wine as a prize. Christiansen was considering two names himself, “Legio” with the implication of a “Legion of toys” and “LEGO”, a self-made contraction from the Danish phrase leg godt, meaning “play well.

When plastic came into widespread use, Ole Kirk kept with the times and began producing plastic toys.

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System Australian Pricing And Release Date Revealed

We use cookies to keep a record of your preferences to improve your experience. For more information on cookies, visit our policy. More than 50 models will be on show, from individual pieces that will inspire visitors to build them at home, to awe-inspiring dioramas and mosaics.

Game Pak, and a retro s-style television, all built from Lego bricks. The Lego NES, which is composed of 2, pieces, will be available.

Do you want to know how many bricks are produced per minute? How many bricks have been produced in history? What’s the best-selling set ever? What has been the worst? Do they recycle? How did they survive the crisis that almost killed them? How successful is Mindstorms? What are the actual names of each of the pieces? Why there are no blondes in Lego sets? Why there are extra pieces sometimes? Here’s the definitive mega-reference, straight from Lego. I have organized all your questions in groups: about the company, environment, design, trivia, crazy questions, and the future.


The deal ends May 4. Lego has been the entry point for so many of us to learn about a series, here are the sets Lego released — in part to celebrate the movie, “The Rise of Skywalker. The set features 1, pieces and comes with a single A-wing pilot and collector’s series plate and display stand. It stands

Lego Duplo is a product range of the construction toy Lego by The LEGO Group, designed for children from ​1 1⁄2 to 5 years old. Duplo bricks are twice the.

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If you buy The Beatles set, one individual set gives you enough pieces to create one member from the band or buy four of the same set to create each member from The Beatles. Some of these sets even let you combine multiple canvases to create a larger image, such as a triple-length portrait of Darth Vader wielding his lightsaber. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

Rare $80 LEGO Pieces Haul from 17!

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